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  1. [quote name='kings wrote: airwalk74'] That sux-Friday concert please C'mon 3 weeks ago Perth was a roughie to get any U2 shows. Now they have 2. Be happy Not U2's fault (although clashing with Muse seems crazy), but still no reason for someone to be happy if you can't make Perth2. I'll take Friday or Monday for Perth3.. I'm not fussy
  2. Was really hoping for a Perth3 Like many others, I have tickets to Perth3, but can't make it.
  3. It says on they're sold out on this site, on the main Aus tour page - just go to u2.com and follow the links
  4. All shows listed as Sold Out. 2nd shows all round - and 3rd for Perth please!!! Will make many Perth u2 & Muse fans happy!!!
  5. Any chance of Perth3? GA and RedZone all gone for Perth2 already.... cmon people buy the remaining seats! Got Perth2 tickets in the suprise they were available, then realised I couldnt go
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