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  1. Hi Blue Room, I don't think so - we were in Amsterdam with the same e-tickets - nobody checked credit cards. It's the same for now for all the European dates as far as I know - my friends have no problem with tickets bought from other fans. xx
  2. Block 420, Row R, Seat 933-934 All 2 are E-tickets Can sell them separately (face value £ 64 including tax) or all together Please PM if interested or use Facebook to contact. God bless xx
  3. Brothers and sisters! I really need your help: me and my best friends are going to Dublin to see our fav band ever, but couldn't buy only 1 GA ticket for one of us. Please help! PM me xx God bless all of you and U2
  4. Offering 3 GA tickets for the 6th of November, Glasgow. All are e-tickets. Face value - £63.60 each or £180 all together. Selling by one or all together. PM me if you are interested - we managed to buy Dublin and can't afford to visit all the places.
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