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  1. Good on you! I have had red zone before for the I-e tour and it was well worth it.
  2. Well done! I tried again today for 1 or 3 red zone tickets and it was saying unavailable by 1:02pm!
  3. Yeah I think you are right. I know 5 people with red zone tickets for Perth bought in Wires pre-sales. Likely more demand in Melbourne and anyone travelling from overseas for the show is probably going to head to Sydney or Melbourne. I saw this show in London in 2017 in GA and it was brilliant on the ground. Can’t wait!
  4. Did anyone manage to get red zone for Melbourne? Unfortunately I was trying to do my Red Hill presale while at work and stuffed it up. By the time I got in to the system all red zone for Melbourne were gone. Picked up GAs which was fine but disappointed how quickly red zone went. I know there were red zone tickets available for Wires presales in other cities so I wondered if they hold some back for Wires presales or if it’s just that Melbourne red zone was particularly sought after.
  5. Hi stateless, I know Docklands well (Marvel Stadium) and cat 5 is likely to be the upper rows in tier 3 so likely towards the back. You will be able to tell by the row letters anyway which start at A. I’ve sat in the first few rows of tier 3 on the side for Coldplay before and that was fine but I imagine that would be equivalent to cat 3. I think if the cat 5 seats are more on the side would be ok, although still a long way up, but if the seats are towards the back of the stadium and top of tier 3 it would be a long way from the stage! Otherwise I would consider going GA for value. Always the
  6. I agree. I used my code for the JT tour for tickets to Twickenham (flew all the way from Australia). I renewed my subscription after using that code - after the concert frankly - as my subscription was running out in September. I’m now paid up until September 2018. While I’m not planning to buy tickets in this round (I’m crossing my fingers they actually bring this tour to Australia), it still says I need to renew my subscription! In my books, I haven’t used my code for this new subscription. And 2 tickets instead of 4 is just ludicrous if you want to sit with fellow fans. They really haven’t
  7. We did the same. Had 4 for London but dumped them and decide to go GA. Have been red zone before and it was fantastic but we have a couple of people who are not sure they definitely coming this time so didn't want to end up left with pricey tickets! We had to show photo ID the last time we went red zone so not sure how easy they are to on-sell.
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