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  1. Yeah man, i agree for the part of Paul the bottle-maker, but not for the setlist composition one. They do not play half of their new album! They are only playing Magnificent, Boots, Go Crazy and Moment! I don't understand why they feel the necessity of playing songs like In a Little While, Elevation, Mysterious ways and stuff like that at every concert! They could at least make a sort of alternation!
  2. No, 'xcuse me, those songs that I mentioned were only examples. With "Older Songs" I'm thinking at those thousands of songs, that belongs to their repertoire, and that, for reasons unknown, they never play! I'm thinking at songs like Gone, Please, Do you feel loved, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Zooropa... I'm thinking at songs like God Part II, Out of Control, Cedars of Lebanon, Yahweh, Last Night On Earth, In God's Country, Even Better Than The Real Thing, ACROBAT! I'm thinking to ALL the songs that they never play!
  3. I've been a U2 fan since I was 12, and in the last years I've had this question in my head. Why the 4 irish boys do not play their most beautiful songs, like MOFO, Lemon, Heartland, Love is Blindness (I don't even mention Acrobat..) I think that is because they got to satisfy the biggest part of their audience, those who know U2 only for their more "commercial" songs, like Vertigo or Beautiful Day.. What do you people think about that? Do we have any hope to hear, maybe in the next years, those song, or do we have to resign and accept the idea that they're never gonna play them? Saludos fro
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