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  1. Glad there was some success. Seems Ticketmaster filters the issue
  2. Hi All Did anybody manage to secure Pitch 2 tickets for Croke Park? I did not, despite being online at 9am. Were they even on sale? Would be interested to hear if anyone secured them. Have to say the process was not smooth. Ticketmaster link from their website did not go to pre-sale. Had to go via Tour pages on u2.com instead. Grateful to have secured Pitch 1 though. S
  3. On recent tours, pre-sales were handled in such a way as to grant long-term fanclub members initial pre-sale access, followed by those who joined more recently (i.e. into second year of membership), followed by people who jumped on board following the latest album release or tour announcement. All welcome of course! In the interest of fairness, why has the fanclub discontinued this practice which was the fairest way of rewarding loyalty? I'm keen to hear others' opinions It's crazy that I've been a member ever since u2.com was founded yet someone who signed up on Monday this week is given same pre-sale access for Dublin (Aside: I got seats but my preference was standing however there were none available despite logging in at 10am on the dot this morning) #Disappointing #Loyalty
  4. Am I the only one disappointed that a fan website I pay a subscription to is not going to inform me and other fans of a major news announcement in advance (I could stand corrected in the next couple of hours)? I seem to get more news via www.atu2.com - can anyone associated with u2.com confirm if subscribers will be privy to any news release today from u2.com itself?
  5. I have to say I'm disappointed at the lack of information being shared with fans via U2.com. If they are playing a September festival surely we should be notified first. The only news I'm getting these days is via atu2.com or random rumours from RTE (Irish broadcaster) and other websites. Fingers crossed for the latest reports of a November release as it will have a huge influence on the future of the band IMHO.
  6. 20 years ago today, aged 16, myself and my 13 year old brother headed to the RDS Dublin for the Zoo TV Tour. Still have my ticket inside my Zooropa album cover!

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