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  1. Did everyone else get the 2019 gift? I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. As a bonus the downloads of the gift has dissappeared from my account page.
  2. Shipment information on mine says: Ship date feb 12, 2016. And has been for a couple of months. I haven't received anything yet...Slow delivery on these or what?
  3. "This special collection will not be on sale online or in store and and will be dispatched in the Spring." It's summer now, right?
  4. I think they should explain in what countries this will be available. Because in Scandinavia it won't be aired on HBO Nordic. So that means two "cancelled" shows in Sweden/Scandinavia Information is as always lacking, and that really grinds my gears...
  5. Someone once said (on 1st sept, 2001): "Communication...communication...talk to each other." Maybe that's a good idea to do? This feels a bit one-way...
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