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  1. one of the best,sure!!!but impossible to choose one song only...
  2. [quote name='mariacm wrote: arturnini'] The best... I usually prefer covers that give you another perspective on the song instead of an exact copy of what the original artists have done, but I must say I'm impressed by this man's voice, it sounds exactly like Bono's in this song and I'm also impressed by the humbleness of his comments, he says Bono is "Don Bono" (the way we call the great tenors) that he is 50 and sings like a God and ask people to congratulate Bono, Adam. Larry and Edge not him, great man and great fan, I think. I agree with you. I think you should look i
  3. Ultraviolet, Please, The Unforgetable Fire album, Indian Summer Sky, Man and a woman, still haven't found, so cruel, Mercy, Stay, lemon, etc... it's hard to choose to name only a few...
  4. It's one of the best songs of one of the best album ever.
  5. i think they're doing what they did with the Zooropa songs in the zoo tv tour. And i think that's great.
  6. i remember this day perfectly.I heard that concert live in the radio and i think they play sunday B. Sunday after long years. it was the first time i heard hmtmkmkm played live. it was a great emotional concert.
  7. it's a great song with great lyrics...
  8. I've been in Coimbra and stayed by the side of the blackberry. There i can't see the band that close, but the stage is right in front and u can see all the action with the lights and the screen.I think it's a great place, but i can't tell u more, cause i only see one concert
  9. !st view of THE CLAW. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
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