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  1. It wasn't excluded in the email. But since those codes are only valid from 22nd to 24th now (not stated when we bought the album through the more expensive Universal!!), they probably won't be of much use. I think it's lame to point to Universal, who point to Ticketbastard, who points back to Universal. U2 made a deal for those presale codes to exist. So ultimately it's U2's management again screwing over fans. The least would be to correct the wrong now before monday.
  2. Oh great, now we can only buy 2 tickets for the same show?! I can't buy one for Berlin and one for Dublin for example? Why are they trying to make our lives as fans miserable?! Really disappointed. Nothing new, but still. This tour seems to be the worst in terms of presale organization.
  3. Is that an email you got in reply to a question, or simply the newsletter that was sent out? In any case the text is the same but I hadn't noticed the "Ireland" in there. Just doesn't make a lot of sense. Why can't they think about that stuff before announcing a presale...
  4. Regarding the album presale codes: I called Universal who says that they just provide the code and TM is in charge. TM in turn says that I need to ask Universal. And u2.com doesn't know. Which leads me to the question: who knows?? I bought the CD through Universal with the sole purpose of getting an additional presale code for additional dates or Dublin. Now it seems this code is worthless since I will be using my u2.com membership code for the first date.
  5. If they come to Dublin around X-mas time this year, it's not really gonna be part of the 360 tour. It's winter, it's freezing cold, and the claw is in Australia... No, should they play in Dublin this winter, it can only be an inside show. I don't really believe in that. But I do believe they're gonny end the 360 Tour with some dates in Europe
  6. Oh god, that would be so amazing... do you have any detailed information? What date would that be? Official ticket sale or a more private venue? I've never seen them play in Dublin, but would definitely love to! Even more so as I won't be able to go to the US/Australia to see another show. If they don't come back to Europe (be it in Dublin around XMas, or a few shows in 2011) I'll have to wait another 4 years which is just way too long
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