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  1. Hola, tengo dos plateas B Sur del 10/10 y queria cambiarlas por unas del mismo precio para el 11. La gente que iba conmigo no pueden ir, asi que en vez de venderla la quiero cambiar para ir el 11 también. Saludos.
  2. Hey! I just sent you a private message so we can sort out the ride :)


  3. Hi! It would be great! We'll be staying a few blocks from to the Millenia Plaza. But we can go to another place that you want, it doesn't matter that.
  4. Hi everyone! It's my first time posting here. I'll going to Miami and Tampa to see my favourite band in the world. I'm from Argentina and I'll go with my brother. It's even my first time in USA! Someone's going from Orlando to Tampa? We´re searching share the trip. My brother doesn´t know drive and I don't have license, so we pay the gas. I hope we can know another fans likes us Greetings!! JB
  5. Si, yo entro a la pagina oficial, a las paginas de fans, foros, reviso mis mails... Todo cada 2 hs... Me estoy volviendo chango!!! Por que no confirman!!!!????
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