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  1. I placed an order on October 30th and haven't received anything yet. Tried the customer support service two months ago and got no response.
  2. So the management decided to place that information after the presale had already happened. Why? If they wanted it to be a one time use code, they should have made that information known before even the first show presale and not just simply change the rules in between them. Why did multiple purchases were allowed for the first gig and not for the second one? The subscribers had already made plans to buy tickets for more than one show because, let's be real, everybody knew that U2 would not come all the way to Brazil to make only one show, right? So, people made plans to buy their tickets
  3. Relatively speaking, you're lucky--because NONE of the NYC tickets (including GA) are credit-card-entry (CCE), as in most other locations. So, your problems are NOT what other people are experiencing. You might try calling ticketmaster about the transfer option--since NYC tickets are not restricted, there's no obvious reason why you can't do that. Failing that, you can simply post/sell your GA tickets (for face value) on this site. Presumably, your tickets will either be mailed to you (hard tix) or emailed to you (e-tix). Either way, you are not in any way prevented from selling them, unl
  4. Any progress on this? I am from Brazil and bought GA tickets for NYC 22 and 23, but then more shows were announced and it is more convenient to me to arrive in NY by the end of July, so I decided to buy a ticket to the 30th (hoping there will be a 31th gig) and I would sell 22 and 23. I had already seen the 'transfer' button and was counting on this so that I could just sell my tickets to anyone and transfer them to the person. But then when I tried to cilck on 'transfer' it just isn't available. I can't sell my tickets through Ticketmaster either because it requires an U.S bank account, whic
  5. 360º Tour São Paulo, Brasil
  6. 360º Tour São Paulo, Brasil
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