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  1. Yes: http://www.livenation.co.uk/artist/u2-tickets
  2. Live Nation is announcing several new dates in Europe (http://www.livenation.co.uk/artist/u2-tickets). I still have two remaining tickets from my pre-sale code. Any mod who can confirm that there'll be a pre-sale for the new dates. I still haven't got any e-mail from U2.com. Kind regards, Leo
  3. Sorry Max, I meant codes from the same tour. I (luckily) got 2 tickets for Brussels and I wanted 2 more GA for London, which seems to be sold out. People are already talking about extra shows in London and I wonder if my pre-sale code would give me any privileges on another pre-sale round within the JT-tour. Leo
  4. I haven't bought all the 4 tickets I have access to with my wire pre-sale code. Anyone with experience from previous tours who could tell me if the code could still be valid in the event of an extra shows announcement? Leo
  5. Anyone aware of any venue for an after party on the 14th?
  6. Anyone who ever been to a concert at the Sportpaleis? I got tickets on 218 and wonder if it's a good view from there. Looking forward to see Antwerpen again! Btw, if anyone has 2 GA (ground floor) for the 13th, I'd be very interested in buying them. Leo
  7. It's been more than 5 hours now since I payed for renewing my subscription and I still haven't got any e-mail with an invoice, and my e-mail status says unverified. Is there anyone one who can confirm that there's some problem going on, cause I can't remember having any problems with this kind of action (paying and getting a confirmation by e-mail)? Status on my order is: "Your order was placed at: Dec 3, 2014 12:55 PM Pacific", while my account status is Active until December the 3rd 2015. Is this the way it should look? I've already filled up and sent an enquiry through the contact us, and have been trying to call US customer service several times without succeeding. I'm getting really concerned and I hope someone can help me out with some info. Thank you very much, Leonardo
  8. I have been a subscriber of u2.com (and Propaganda) for ages, but the last year I didn't renew my subscription. I just did it for some hours ago - yes after getting an e-mail with the tour announcement - but still haven't got any confirmation invoice, nor pre-sale code. I want to believe that it'll be alright, but what if it won't? I can't stand the thought of missing the pre-sale, specially when my card has been charged. It does say in my profile that my subscription is valid until december the 3rd, but it also stands that I should confirm my e-mail address. But how can I do it when I didn't receive any e-mail from u2.com? Should I call the customer service? Anyone who already got their code? Kind regards, Leo
  9. Hi you guys, sorry to bother you with my question while it seems that people around here have serious problems with their codes. I bought 3 Red zones tickets for the second show in São Paulo, and I see that my transaction worked out (the correct amount was transferred to etix.com), but when I get to my page on u2.com I see that my code is still valid. Why is that?Do I really got the tickets?Since I bought only 3 (of 4), can I jon the pre sale for other south american venues?Thank you very much for your answer!Good luck to everybody, I hope you manage to get tickets through your subscription!Leo
  10. Just can't get enough of capturing the greatness of the claw
  11. Just can't get enough of capturing the greatness of the claw
  12. Just can't get enough of capturing the greatness of the claw
  13. Just can't get enough of capturing the greatness of the claw
  14. Just can't get enough of capturing the greatness of the claw
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