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  1. I think the record sounds fantastic. I love the lyrics, but musically it is off the charts. The co-MVP's on this one are Edge and Adam. Edge is just on another level with this record, and Adam's bass sounds incredible. Maybe it's the way it's been mixed, but I don't know of any other album, at least post War, where the bass is featured so prominently. There is just one song that really stands out as not belonging, but I'm not going to dwell on the negative. 12 of the 13 are just gorgeous tunes. Lights of Home, Red Flag Day, Summer of Love, Landlady are all early standouts, and I imagine Litt
  2. I’m not yelling at anyone or assigning blame. I’m just sharing my frustration with others who are experincing similar frustrations.
  3. Up to 4 tickets GA in each location ranging from 250-550 each on StubHub. Thanks for verifying these fans team.
  4. How many people were actually able to get hold of GA? It doesn’t sound like many.
  5. Either full GA wasn’t opened during the presale (which defeats the purpose of a presale) or scalpers grabbed them all (which defeats the purpose of the “verified fan). Guarantee you will see $300 + GA tickets on Craigslist later today. Such bs.
  6. I just don’t believe all of these GA’s sold out. I’ve never experienced across the board Presale GA sellouts, especially given U2 were just here 3 months ago.
  7. What a nightmare. This totally screwed the fans.
  8. How are there no GA tickets left in most of the venues. No way these all sold out to “verified fans”. How is Nashville already gone.
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