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  1. I had similar seats in Phoenix on IE. Hard to see the big screen, but great B-Stage experience there. Hopefully it will be similar for you.
  2. So... got an email saying I'm Citi special.... I am guessing however it's like Innocence today... still might not get a code texted to me in the AM?
  3. And us Innocence too... I know several personally in my little city that didn't get them either who are in that group.
  4. No complaints... if I get a code. Even now that its close to no good for these shows, just send me one so if dates are added I can try then.
  5. You and me both. And then some other friends too.
  6. My buddy here in town with me (who got the email yesterday) still has no code....
  7. Keith2. I'm with you. No nothing... very sad. (But not as sad as my daughter, she's upside down right now)
  8. So here's a fun one... got an email (I've been getting them)... but this one says I have to renew because I used my codes for JT. Yep, I did... but I have renewed since then and got the "green complete." This should be an exciting next week. Not sure about belts and braces... but I am going to break out my crash helmet.
  9. I did click on the button out of curiosity... it wouldn't (yet?) let anything happen. Said there were restricted or some such verbiage. Don't know if that's for now or for good...
  10. DC at FedEx in and done in 8 minutes... shockingly simple compared to the past...
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