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  1. Tried to help a friend-- Got into Vegas pre sale page at 1 pm exactly. No GAs.
  2. Yes, I agree. I got MSG and Newark tix this morning-- Both are hard copy tickets. There were things I hated about credit card entry (i.e., not being able to sell a ticket when I couldn't attend a show b/c I got sick at last minute), but I really do think cc entry cut down on scalpers b/c it was harder for them to sell. This time around, there will be tons of GAs on scalper websites / eBay.... Oh well. Thanks for the replies everyone!
  3. Just wondering what the total cost will be for GA's and fees for San Jose and Vegas. 

    1. sparky77


      No clue!  Sorry!  You should ask on the main Zoo forum boards.


  4. Hey, Just got the U2.com pre sale email. It doesn't say whether GAs will be credit card entry, or whether they will be hard tickets. Mods, do you know the answer to this question? Or will we just find out tomorrow during the onsale? Thank you!
  5. Once you get a wristband, do you have to stay in the pens all day? Or come back at a later time (like in the states, they said you could leave until 1 or 2 pm).
  6. I made a comment on twitter about this and noticed I was instantly blocked by someone and her friends for daring to suggest being on the stage more than once (in the space of weeks) was a little unfair on others wanting to get on there once. Perhaps I hit a nerve! Can't be sure but there does seem to be a bit of a clique with the e-stage and if you're not in it then you've very little chance of getting your opportunity. I hate this kind of behaviour, if indeed I am right. Although I can't blame the band for this, I think much is down to the individual concerned. Some have very little concep
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