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  1. The date was Dec., 1987. My wife and I were just starting out, trying to go to school and work at the same time. We managed to afford our first CD player that year, and the first CD I had to purchase before I left the store was U2's "Joshua Tree," since we had worn out the vinyl copy we had. We felt then, and we still do feel it is the greatest album of all time! We scrapped together enough money to see U2 live, but there's no way they would come to a little hole in the wall like the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. When they announced the tour dates, we were shocked to find out, not only were they coming to Hampton, but it would be the last two nights of the tour, before they moved on to Tempe, AZ to record what would become part of the "Rattle and Hum" movie. We were ecstatic and pleasantly surprised; no one this big had visited our neck of the woods since The Who and the Stones! Now to purchase tickets, since we would have to contend with most of the east coast for tickets. We went to our local ticket outlet the night before, put our name down on a makeshift lottery list, and settled in for a long, cold night in our car. This was a bit of a sacrifice since we were both in school. The tickets went quickly, but we were able to grab 2 tickets, and they were on the floor! Now, the long wait until the concert night arrived. Looking back now, it seems just a blur. We don't remember them opening the show, but the BoDeans opened and eventually would become one of our favorite live bands! What struck us as amazing about that night was we had to stand on our seats to see, because everyone in the Coliseum stood during that memorable night, all 10,000 of us. We didn't stand because we were asked to, or begged to, or pleaded with, or because we had to; it was because we wanted to feel like we were part of the show. I felt then, as I feel now, that was the closest to a religious experience that we had ever experienced outside of church! We have attended many concerts since then, including a dozen U2 concerts, but it remains our favorite of all time! Thanks guys for some awesome memories. James & Linda Dezern
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