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  1. Thanks for the stream! An awesome show as always, no matter how many times I've seen it!
  2. New Year's Day -> Out Of Control -> Sunday Bloody Sunday possibly my all-time favorite trio of songs.
  3. Happy Birthday Bono! Thanks for all the wonderful songs you've written and all the wonderful things you do! Cheers 🥂
  4. I would also say that if someone sends an ID like this that 1) he can't sign it as "Bono" when that's not the printed name and 2) it looks like a photo-shopped picture, especially if you look around his ears and top of head. Definitely if anyone else gets an ID like this, do not take that as proof, there are criminals who professionally make fake IDs for whoever wants one so it's not a leap to think they would do it to try to fool people into believing they are a celebrity.
  5. I'm sorry you were scammed like that keyo. All of these accounts really need to be removed, I can't believe they have so many followers and get away with scamming money out of us fans like this. But I had to double take, that is the Bono passport the other fake Bono sent me! I am sure of it! I wouldn't be surprised if it's one person or a group of them working together with these fake accounts.
  6. That's what I figure too. I have a feeling it isn't an actual person comparing accounts most of the time but just software, it's easy enough to catch accounts that totally copy posts from whoever they are impersonating, but when this guy is not doing that then he can't be caught so easily. And also because you have to report the official U2 account. I only wish I had thought to take a screenshot of it! That would certainly give more reason to suspend that account, and prove that I'm not making it up (which I really am not). But I was so offended that someone went that far that I just told him that must be a fake and he deleted it right away and blocked me. Hopefully others report this and Instagram figures it out.
  7. So much for that, Instagram decided that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account is not violating community guidelines. I called him out on the fake ID and got blocked before I could screen capture it 😆. I ended up not reporting the other because it’s public posts look more like a fan page, but users should still be wary if that page contacts them.
  8. Two have contacted me on Instagram. _u2.bono and paul_david_hewson_u2. The later even showed me a fake ID. When reporting, do I report them as spam? The only options I see are “spam” or “inappropriate”,
  9. I saw this entire situation happen 🤣 It was actually "Edge's" doing - "Adam" stood right next to him and suddenly "Edge" shoved him in front of the keyboard and put his arms around him to play the keyboard. The look on "Adam's" face was hilarious 🤣 These guys really are great, and they always look like they have so much fun doing this!
  10. Haven't been on these threads for a while! Thought I'd share a picture from the UF2 show in October. Always fun, especially with fellow fan dmway!
  11. There are those tears.... Thank you, yet again, Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for putting on all of these amazing shows. Take a well-earned rest. I look forward to whatever is next.
  12. That was excellent! The last minute of that song is just magic.
  13. I really like the new way they are playing New Year's Day. It definitely has some extra special something to it!
  14. This show is a bag of surprises! But so awesome! When Bono said they'd try something different tonight I was NOT expecting THAT!
  15. U2Gigs Mixlr is up, no periscope that I've seen.
  16. Just tuned in at Red Flag Day... glad to hear Bono singing again!
  17. Bono sounds fired up! Interesting new start for Europe!
  18. A few Mixlrs are up, including U2Gigs. Beautiful World starting now! Showtime!
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