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  1. They still don't have a solution for those who only used their JT code for the St. Louis show that was cancelled. I'm supposed to call them back again on Thursday.
  2. I called and they said they are aware of the issue with the cancelled show and to check my account in 3 days.
  3. I rejoined in June 2017 just to get a code to buy a single ticket to the St. Louis show in September 2017 that U2 themselves ended up cancelling. So now I have to renew just to buy a single ticket for the new St. Louis show in May 2018 when my subscription is good until June 2018? That's ridiculous if that's the case (I can't get past "setup incomplete" despite logging out, clearing cookies, etc.). It would be one thing if using my code back in June 2017 actually allowed me to see the Joshua Tree tour, but that didn't happen. Very frustrating.
  4. From my understanding that is how it's supposed to work (meaning anyone can buy VIP today), which is why fan club members (even Wires) were supposed to be able to buy VIP yesterday. FYI, Red Zone is available again in STL (it showed sold out shortly after 10:00 CT this morning).
  5. And Wires is working appropriately for non-VIP in St. Louis as of 10:00 CT as planned.
  6. Yes, this was for St. Louis. Per the TM person I spoke with yesterday, both Red Hill and Wires codes were supposed to work for VIP yesterday, but obviously there was a screw-up.
  7. Looks like they corrected things overnight! I was finally able to buy Red Zone for STL this morning (07:30 CT) using my Wires code, which I should have been able to do yesterday per TM (they told me there was a problem with my code and to call the U2 line up but I hung up after 2 hours on hold).
  8. I asked that earlier with no response. I wouldn't have upgraded to Wires if I couldn't buy Red Zone today. Anyone can buy them tomorrow.
  9. So what exactly is "Fan Club VIP access" that was supposed to start this morning? This is for STL.
  10. Can Wires group buy VIP/RZ today or not? Ticketmaster lists "Fan Club VIP access" as starting today, but no luck for me.
  11. I'm in the Wires group, but thought I could buy Red Zone today for STL. Doesn't appear that I should have paid the money to upgrade my account now since VIP presales appear to start at the same time as VIP for Wires group. Correct?
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