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  1. So, the JT tour is over! Let's see if I can find tickets for the Songs of Ascent tour
  2. Yes I think so. Strange end of this beautiful tour. Really enjoyed listening several concerts by Mixlr.
  3. Well then they are good in guessing, because they tweeted Desire with Noel!!!
  4. I see that https://twitter.com/atu2 are counting the songs, so possibly they are there.
  5. This Twitter feed from U2start says it nicely. Very very strange U2! From U2START: The last show of #TheJoshuaTree2019 has started in #U2Mumbai. Reception and coverage inside the stadium are really BAD (no pun intended) so we have virtually zero information on how the show is going. What a bizarre way to end a world tour 😅
  6. Yes, I had the same experience with my eyes. Until the band hopefully make the notes available online, I will do the same like you
  7. Thanks for your post, Laura. A part of the digital booklet are the notes that Bono wrote, so called the liner notes. Thanks for trying.
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