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  1. So, the JT tour is over! Let's see if I can find tickets for the Songs of Ascent tour
  2. Yes I think so. Strange end of this beautiful tour. Really enjoyed listening several concerts by Mixlr.
  3. Well then they are good in guessing, because they tweeted Desire with Noel!!!
  4. I see that https://twitter.com/atu2 are counting the songs, so possibly they are there.
  5. This Twitter feed from U2start says it nicely. Very very strange U2! From U2START: The last show of #TheJoshuaTree2019 has started in #U2Mumbai. Reception and coverage inside the stadium are really BAD (no pun intended) so we have virtually zero information on how the show is going. What a bizarre way to end a world tour 😅
  6. I also received it. It is from LiveNation, but I think it was a test and by accident they clicked on Send.
  7. Amazing show! This album is the best one for me. It travelled 30 years with me and yesterday we saw each other live! Great to see Dutch women during Ultraviolet, like Mabel, widow of prince Friso and major Bosshard from the Salvation army.
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