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  1. Got a GA for LA in the Citi presale. Was getting an error message on my laptop, so tried the app and pulled a GA after a few tries!
  2. A friend (ironically, a Verified Experience member who was shut out of the presale yesterday) got an email from stubhub today advertising all the U2 tix they have for sale...but the seller email above? Wow, just wow...
  3. No problem getting a GA for LA - in and out in a minute! Hard tix too!
  4. Just got a GA for LA-done in a minute! Just my regular browser on my laptop (IE).
  5. Cool - thanks! Just concerned since I just read the Billboard article (posted by U2 on Facebook) stating that the fan club presale would be utilizing TM's verified fan platform for all ticket sales, including the fan club presale. Given that many of us have had less than satisfactory experiences with this platform for other artists, I am happy to hear that codes are guaranteed for this presale (fully understanding that tickets are not guaranteed).
  6. Did we ever get a final answer as to whether the fan club/verified subscriber presale code distribution is guaranteed to all verified members, or is it going to be a lottery using the TM algorithm? Is it possible that a verified paid-up-for-2018 member won't get a code texted to them that morning?
  7. So, the additional presale connected to the preorder of the album is for Europe only, and not North America???
  8. Got one for LA today at the general sale! Had no luck at the presale last week...
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