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  1. Apparently I was not correct. With the tickets being purchased through the fanclub presale they can only be accessed via my credit card at the event. I cannot get them into a different format. My apologies on this. Would have loved for these to get into the hands of someone wanting to go to the show.
  2. They are currently set up to be accessed using my credit card at the show. But, through Ticketmaster I can transfer. So, I believe that they will be e-tickets.
  3. I have two floor tickets for this show. I was going to make it down from Colorado for the show, but the work schedule is not going to permit. So, looking to find someone to buy these two tickets. Not looking to make money on them. Will probably start listing on some of the selling sites in the next hour or so. I wanted to throw these out here to the U2 fans before I went down that road.
  4. @chickenhawk please contact me at [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT USE PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE BOARD LIKE EMAIL ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS. Use instead PMs. Thanks]. I would love for you to end up with them. I am not looking to profit on these. If I get what I paid back I am a more than happy camper; espcially if they go to a fan. I love this band. They have opened my mind and musical horizons for far too long.
  5. I have two Floor tickets for this show and just figured out that I cannot make it down to Texas for this show. Would like for a U2 fan that is looking to attend this show to end up with them.
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