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  1. I didn´t get the option for Will Call or Print my ticket. Just mail them to me.....and in the end, TM UK wouldn´t accept my Card.....but TM Germany and Italy did ...
  2. I can´t since I am in South America.... I can´t download the app
  3. Wait, there is no WILL CALL option for this show??
  4. Dude, keep refreshing. Tickets do appear. I got my GA at 9:21 am....after trying 21 minutes.....
  5. Well, Chicago doesn´t have any tickets left besides resales....which are like 100 or something. Ridiculously expensive. Now I wish I had bought some seats on the presale and resale them today....but then, it didn´t occur to me on Saturday coz I am not an asshole XD
  6. I just checked TM and the only available tickets are RESALES, which of course, are from 50% to 100% more expensive. And there are a lot of them. Some people are really making some nice money out of this
  7. So basically, if you didn´t get a GA ticket on the pre-sales or the general sale, there´s no way of wasting your time trying to get one from a person who has an extra, or go straight to the venue and ask if someone has a spare, like i´ve done with Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder?
  8. Got 1 GA for Chicago, proceeded to enter Credit Card information and baam....error.....please reload previous page.
  9. Hi, is it ¨normal¨ to be on the waiting room for 1 hour and 20 minutes??
  10. Bueno, yo soy de Santa Cruz, Bolivia y me voy a ir a Buenos Aires a ver los tres? shows y si puedo, a Santiago para los dos shows. Ya fui el 2006 a los dos shows en River que estuvieron INCREÃBLES :'( Que recuerdos. Saludos a los argentinos y espero que si sean tres shows y que pueda conseguir entradas para los tres. Una pregunta: asumo que para entrar al inner circle va a ser como en el 2006, quien llega primero, no?? A amanecerse se ha dicho.
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