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  1. Thanks, Max Tsukino! I'm anxious to be inside Altice Arena!!! ?
  2. Hi! Olá! :) Does anyone have any information about GA line for Lisbon? Alguém sabe como será organizada a fila para pista (platéia em pé)?
  3. Does anyone know if there's Red Zone on both sides of the stage?
  4. A friend of mine is selling her ticket for October 21st gig: Pista, R$ 500,00. If you are interested, please, send me a message.
  5. Hi! Have you found seated tickets already? I have Hogan upper stand tickets and I'd like to try GA for the first time ever! My husband, who is going with me, prefers seated places. But, if you are insterested in upper seats, I could try to change his mind...
  6. Stay is one of my favorite songs... This will be my 6th U2 gig and I've never heard it live I know the probability of having it on the setlist is low, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. That's great! We also attended I&E tour at Amsterdam! I'm glad we managed to go to Amsterdam, since there wasn't any I&E concert in Brazil! That was a great tour... the best one for me!
  8. So, do you live in Brazil? It is nice to know that there are other Brazilians flying to attend Dublin gig! Hope you receive your tickets beforehand...
  9. We, my husband and I, are flying from Brazil We love U2! That's our way to celebrate our anniversary! In 2010, we planned our wedding so we could use our weeding days off to travel and attend to a 360 concert... Then, in 2015, our 5th anniversary was celebrated with two IE concerts! And now my dream comes true: U2 in Dublin! It's nice to know the story of people that share the same feeling we have! People from all around the world traveling to have a great experience! Most of our friends can't understand it either...
  10. Hello! This will be our first time in Dublin, so my husband and I would like to visit locations related to the band and enjoy a full U2 experience! Any suggestion or thoughts about U2 walking tours in Dublin?
  11. The best seat of Morumbi, on U2 360 April 9th.
  12. Once again. This time it was nearer home São Paulo, April 9th.
  13. From Brazil to Frankfurt, only to be with u2 on our honeymoon. August 10th, 2010.
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