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  1. How was it to enter? Is that correct that the name is on a list, and we have to go there with a document, no printed ticket? I'll attend RZ in amsterdam and I'm anxious because I have no confirmation yet.
  2. I'll attend the show first time on red zone on October 8th in Amsterdam. So, if I understand correctly, its Ok that I have only a confirmation by e-mail, because my name will be on a list, and this list will alowe me to enter the show. At what time should I get there? I think about 3, 4 hours earlier?
  3. I've bought 2 tickets for the show at São Paulo 19/10/2017. But today when I've tried buying for 21/10/2017, my code is "invalid"! What should I do? Comprei 2 ingressos na pré-venda do fã-clube para o show em São Paulo dia 19/10/2017. Mas hoje meu código wires está dando inválido. O que faço? Luciane Dani
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