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  1. The concert that changed my life? 13 years ago I found in my town a small band playing folk. Regional Music of our region always liked. I met wonderful people, friends with whom we started performing together. And the concert that changed my life - it was our first concert. We danced, we sang, we had fun ... and so is the today- performances give us constant joy. And before that, and then I was on many memorable concerts. The first concert of U2 first flag - in Chorzow which took their little son. I cried when seeing our flag Bono took off his jacket and put it on the red side. We all cried. Thank you for this moment... But the chance to see the people at the concert, when I'm on stage is an unforgettable experience. It gives joy, excitement, strength. That's what you give to people they give you. Even when he sings "only" folk songs Third from the right - it's me!
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