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  1. News headline in the UK a recent "Banksy" has been removed from a building - congrats to whoever placed the "Pink Adams"
  2. Have just been playing the DVD again and was looking through the booklet again - and have only just noticed that the track listing on the back page shows a track 27 The Miracle of Joey Ramone. It isn't on the DVD and as far as I can remember wasn't part of the set list of that tour?
  3. Love the Johnny Was snippet in this version
  4. I have read all of the comments on this thread and understand everyone's point of view on this. I tend to agree with Manohlive that a lot of the negative comments are because of issues with the service we have received over the last few years, in terms of delays on gifts, problems with ticket bookings etc etc For me personally, would I have preferred BluRay - of course, however for me the important thing is that whatever the gift it is exclusive to the Fan Club - and not just essentially a presale of something that goes on general sale later.
  5. I have literally just walked in the house after flying back from Singapore and picked up the email on the live broadcast
  6. is Mich there tonight - I think she said she was going to Aus but cant remember which gig?
  7. All, As a U2 fan for almost 40 years - I have quite a collection of U2 "stuff" now, I have been what I would consider a collector for the past 5 years where I actively look out for certain items. Would be interested to share information on what to look out for, potential fakes, buying mistakes etc from others To be clear not to sell/buy/trade in the forums - more to share knowledge on what's out there in the market and would be interested in what other Zootopians have in their collections If anyone is interested please add to the thread, Looking forward to the new Tour Nick
  8. Just got Red Zone for Singapore - took 2 mins, website seems to be working well
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