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  1. Amsterdam is not sold out. There is only a certain amount of tickets allocated to the pre-sales. So there would still be tickets left for the general sale next Friday. There is a chance that a set of tickets being released for the Bol.com pre-sale next Monday (I believe it is on Monday). So maybe you can try your luck then. Or try it from now to then, because there are also stories of people getting lucky after trying for a few hours and a few times. Or you can gamble that there will be a second (or third) show with a pre-sale. But my feeling says that won't happen. Yes, the second
  2. Johan, the roof was also covered in this way during the Coldplay concerts of last year. This is one of the improvements to get rid of the echo. Oh by the way, I really really looking forward to the concert of this evening. But I guess that I'm not the only one.
  3. Hello Bungo, OK, I'm not Gogme but that doesn't stop me to answer this one. I've included the plan for the amsterdam arena here below with the gate letters. As you can see there are two entrances for the general access. It should say "ingang zuid G" or "ingang zuid J" on your ticket. That is the entrance letter G or J. (ingang = entrance , zuid = south). OK, when you walk from the trainstation "Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena" then your already at the south side of the stadium. Just walk past the media markt and the decathlon and then you'll see the stadium with the entrances G, H and J.
  4. Nope, won't be there. I live about 40 kilometers from Amsterdam so a bit far for a pub crawl. I will just have my U2 fan night at home with loud U2 music and one (only one, ok, maybe two) beers.
  5. Hello all, OK, a topic not about swapping tickets but about paying inside the Amsterdam Arena (soon to be known as the much better name "Johan Cruyff Arena"). During the last events the Amsterdam Arena is a cashless stadium. You could pay, with the shops in the stands (so if you have a seat) with the following cards. PIN (Maestro), Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron, AmEx en VPay. On the field (so the general access area) last year during Coldplay you needed to buy an Arena card. You could buy one in the space between the gates and the entrance of the field. (you wouldn't be the f
  6. https://www.nsinternational.nl/en/traintickets#/ Hello Latha, This is the website to order international traintickets outside of Holland. The main trainstation in Amsterdam is Amsterdam Centraal. But you can see on google maps which trainstation is closest to your accomodation in Amsterdam or Brussels. I don't have any experience with buying international traintickets. It is pretty easy for me, I grab a car and within two hours I'm in Brussels. And about not hiring a accomodation in the red light district. That is crowded with drunk English tourists in the weekend. So if you wa
  7. I have a season ticket for Ajax Amsterdam (the sportsteam which plays at the stadium). So I can also give you some info of the surroundings of the stadium. I will take the trainstation Amsterdam Arena-Bijlmer as a starting point. First of all, when you are at the groundfloor of the trainstation you have a starbucks, and a Albert Heijn to go (dutch supermarket). In the Albert Heijn you can buy refrigerated cans of drinks (including beer). This is the cheapest spot, by the way, to buy beer. You can go to the stadium. It is only a 5 minute walk. There are several restaurants there, where
  8. You're staying at Westeinde. That is deadsmack in the middle of the centre. Accross the national bank and in walking distance of the two squares with the most bars, the Leidseplein and the Rembrandtplein. A tip, walk around the Albert Cuypmarkt (in the Albert Cuypstraat). That is around the corner there. This is a street market full of stands. And try the stroopwafel, which will be sold over there. That is a biscuit which is very famous in the Netherlands. But OK, that is the touristy stuff. For the public transport you can check http://9292.nl/en. And yes, as you can see, this website is
  9. By train. agreed, buses are great, and v. cheap also (takes a bit longer) Busses ? There is a trainstation at Schiphol Airport. Just outside the arrival hall.(the trainstation is closer to the arrival hall then the bus station). There a train goes every 5-10 minutes (during the day) to the central trainstation in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centraal, it is a 14-17 minutes trip). And there you can take a tram, underground (metro in Dutch) or another train to your destination. Again, DON'T TAKE A TAXI. Seriously, they are quite expensive plus at the moment there are a bit of a problem wi
  10. Not a problem. The Amsterdam ArenA is just a 5 minutes walk away from the trainstation Amsterdam Arena Bijlmer. This is one of the bigger trainstations in Amsterdam. Here you can take a train, or the underground (metro in Dutch) back to the city center. The trainstation can be busy after a concert and they probably close it off for a short time so it won't get to busy on the platforms. But seriously, getting back to the city center is not a problem. Just don't take a cab, they are quite expensive in Amsterdam. Public transport (trams, underground, trains) is great in Amsterdam.
  11. Oh, the small number of tickets allocated to the pre-sale. I had the same issue with the Dublin I+E concerts. No tickets available for the European pre-sale (everything was sold during the pre-sale for the Irish). But got my ticket during the normal sale (luck isn't always with the Irish). You can thank your fellow subscribers who have bought tickets just to resell them for way more then face value on those ***** (sorry can't curse here) resale ticket sites. Those fellow subscribers are really taking the tickets away from the real fans.
  12. I can understand the confusion here with ordering. I'm Dutch and I've been to several concerts in the Arena. But even for me it wasn't clear what the difference is between the "standing tickets" ticket (staanplaatsen). Which of them the general access is, or even if both of them have access to the general access on the field. So I chose the field tickets (veld) and I'm quite confident that those are the tickets for the field. But at least, I'm going and I will be seeing red hill mining town live for the first time
  13. Hello to all without tickets, For some reason there are some tickets for sale at the official ticketsale site ticketmaster.ie . So for every request in this topic below, try ticketmaster. So you don't have to give your many to hazy ticketservices. I don't know how long it will last and how many tickets are for sale. But good luck. By the way, the picture below was from today. Just try different dates. The 28th is I believe still sold out
  14. Hello John, maybe it's better to black out the barcode. It has happened here in the Netherlands that people posted their tickets on facebook or twitter. And those tickets where copied (the barcode). And in the end, people couldn't get in their event.
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