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  1. Hi, am from Cincinnati, and traveling the west coast to see U2. I saw the Seattle and Oakland show and am now going to Anaheim. Looking for fan who has an extra ticket they are willing to give to me. I have very little money left and I still have to go to Portland to visit family and friends. Anyone looking for a date or looking to donate to a lowly traveler?
  2. Just for the record the Bart Transit staff lied. I waited till the end of the concert got to the Bart well close to 1 am and they were still running. That was a fucked up city thing. Oakland is weird.
  3. awesome. i flew in from cincinnati. am trying to get a ticket from some generous person that has an extra they are willing to give away. i need to try and fly to oakland and i have only a $150 to my name. i have no way to get to Oakland right now and am on the west coast for the whole month.
  4. thank you! that helps a lot. i will try and fly.
  5. Please help. Am traveling from Cincinnati. Plan follow U2 on the west coast. Some how I screwed myself . Either Amtrack hiked the price like crazy or I forgot the plan was to fly from Seattle to Oakland. Now am freaking out cause I don't drive and I need to get down the coast and I have very little money. Please, please, please, let there be someone driving down the coast!
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