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    U2...what else??? i love Italy,especially Sicily and Sardinia and i love Dublin!!!i i like Travelling,walking,badminton,collect U2 stuff
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    Achtung Baby,their masterpiece!!!!!!!
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    Vertigo tour 2005
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    the Joshua Tree Tour 2017,Brussels,King Boudewijnstadium
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    ZOO TV!!!
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    Simple Minds,Depeche Mode,INXS,Snow Patrol,Muse,italian and Spanish music

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  1. am i the only one who still did not listen to the new album???

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    2. u2hl


      it's on Spotify since last night... ;)listening to Red Flag Day,and....love it!!!but i melted for Landlady...Bono's voice is brilliant and i love the lyrics!!!also good are summer love,love is all we have left...love rocking sound of the Blackout,little things is also a beautiful song!

    3. Europa_Thomas


      OK, I broke down yesterday and bought the iTunes copy because I was tired of waiting for Spotify and the CD, and dang, I'm glad I didn't wait. SOE is STUNNING! I have never fallen in love with a whole U2 album so quickly before. It helped I'd heard some of the songs already, but even so, it usually takes weeks or months for me to know how much I really like a U2 album. "Writing as if you were dead" really works! What a wonderful early Christmas present for all of U2's fans.

    4. u2hl


      i still don't have it in my hands but i listened the whole album on Spotify...and the more i listen,the more i love it,it's a great album!!!


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