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    Good choice then ;-). Its one hell of a camera
  2. "Yeah I'm here without a name. In the palace of my shame." What an epic song...

    1. pain_18_
    2. tom0686


      I do too! Actually a great album as well, don't you think?

    3. pain_18_


      I absolutely love it !!!

  3. Well, even if U2.com is walking behind, we still have to wait for that Jimmy Fallon interview. Maybe the people behind this website don't feel the need of informing us a few weeks ahead. Too bad...
  4. Working nightshift. Not much going on, so I'm updating my profile

  5. tom0686

    U2's Joshua Tree

    On July 25th, a longtime wish came true. I was spending my holiday on a roadtrip through the US, along with my brother and parents. And on that specific day, I found U2's Joshua Tree.
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