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  1. Hello, I just wanted to thank to all of you who supported my study about the U2 experience! It is now completed and I am very satisfied with its results, with the contribution I got from U2 fans. Findings of this study will be presented in September in Birmingham, at an international conference about the study of human subjectivity. Below is the abstract for this presentation: Abstract: The consumption experience constitutes the fourth distinct economic offering (Pine & Gilmore, 1999). Live cultural performances offer a particular value proposition to consumers, but there is a nee
  2. My name isFlorin, I am a Doctoral student in Toronto, Canada. I wish to know yourthoughts and feelings, and to learn about the reasons you attend U2 liveperformances, about the kind of experience you are having while attending theirconcerts. Let me knowhow was it, just go to: www.digitalvaluelab.com I amgrateful for your willingness to participate in this study, where I work withcolleagues at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and University ofInnsbruck in Austria. I hope to hear from you. Thanks! Florin
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