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  1. I work in the library and information science field. I find the zootopia page is not user-friendly and is not easy to navigate.  I posted my comments earlier this evening and I cannot easily see them or find them.  I understand that you are overwhelmed with the #U2eitour ticket sale fiasco and that is another reason this site needs to be reconfigured, as it is difficult to follow the threads of all those who have posted about this issue. Hoping once things have settled down with the sale of tickets for the #u2eitour then you can perhaps create a user guide for navigating your Zootopia site.  Just a suggestion.  


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  2.  I hope U2 admin is getting to see fan comments on Social Media.  There are many unhappy fans.   Such a different reaction to announcements of previous tours. Everyone was so excited, started making plans for meetups, planning travelling etc. Now there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction. We love our Boys and would give anything to see them, yet we are feeling manipulated by the big Corporations who seem to want to run the show not be in the show!!!
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