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  1. TM "Verified Fan" ISN'T working for MANY long-standing U2 fans!!!!!!! U2 basically let TM computer programs determine who THEIR "real" fans are which is a DISASTER because we're being shut out!!! WHY IS U2 MANAGEMENT NOT IN CONTROL OF THAT??? Been a huge U2 fan for almost 40 years & wasn't "Verified" by TM to have access to buy general onsale tickets & put on a wait list??? WTF??? ABSOLUTE WORST TICKET SYSTEM FOR LONG-TIME "REAL" U2 FANS!!!!! Additionally the U2.com presale for MANY long-standing subscribers was a NIGHTMARE!! May I suggest they call Pearl Jam who NEVER fail their lon
  2. Been a U2 fan for almost 40 years & wasn't 'Verified' by Ticketmaster to buy general onsale tickets, WORST U2 TICKET ISSUE EVER IN 40 YEARS!!!!!!!
  3. Presale & general onsale with TicketMaster 'Verified Fan' DOESN'T verify real U2 fans & is a COMPLETE DISASTER for MANY long time U2 fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U2 should be ashamed for allowing Ticket Master to "verify" which DOESN'T VERIFY who their fans are for tickets!!!!
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