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  1. So I'm going to the show at the Forum and my  idea is this a fan report for the website with myself photographing the show and another Zootop writing about it And by photographing, I mean with a DSLR and a PHOTO PASS. The big problem is who to contact and how for the photo pass. Any thoughts, suggestions and a volunteer to do the writing are welcome. And needed.


     Americans didn't "get" Pop and the stadium was only half full. 

    If Americans were less than enamoured with POP, maybe it was because the album was lacking. While we are thick headed Imperialist Dogs, I think most American U2 fans can hear it and recognize the nuances and appreciate the attempt to create something no one else was doing. Even a monkey boy like myself can at least respond to a great album on a visceral level. This was not a great album and that is why it received at lukewarm reception all over the world, not just in Atlanta. Maybe the people that panned it "got it" better than anyone else. As for ticket sales, I don't know. U2 is the most amazing live band and the merits of whatever release they're touring behind never affects my desire to see them.

  3. I would also have to disagree with Badlands. U2 are simply playing it safe now... All they do is try to recreate All That You Can't Leave Behind with every new album they do. It's getting quite boring tbh. And The Joshua Tree has already had it's celebration, 10 years ago. We really don't need another version of it.

    I was criticizing POP on it's own merits, not suggesting they keep making albums that sound like their safer but more popular release. I like when they experiment; my two favorites are probably ACHTUNG and Zooropa. If you're suggesting that you would rather hear a flawed but sonically daring work over a good, solid, but conventional and radio friendly album, then I actually would agree. Better to swing for the fences than bunt. I guess no one thought my Kellogg's reference was that clever. You're probably right.

  4. April 2 1987 - Opening night of the tour in Tempe and my first U2 show. Bono's voice was gone, but the crowd singing with ( and for ) him made it a special show. Like nothing I had seen or heard before.

    April 5 1987 - Tucson and Bono's voice is back. The  capacity of the Tucson Community Center is 9000. Is this the smallest show of the tour?

  5. U2 concerts are not just music. There is also a visual ( video )  presentation that has been matched to specific songs in a specific order. This also makes it difficult to randomly mix up the setlist. Personally, I'll see them no matter what the setlist - all hits, all obscure, the exact setlist as the last time I saw them, even an all covers set.

    Sorry , I guess jeff walsh already made this point


    Sure, Jeff makes a lot of good points, as Bajagirl rightly emphasizes.  BUT--and yeah, this point has been made to death, but it bears repeating--THE BAND ITSELF made a lot of noise when the tour was announced to the effect that there would be truly major differences between the "pairs" of shows.  This is incontestable, no?


    it is...


    the band never said it was a certainty... all that was said is that it was a possibility, that it was something they were considering...


    unfortunately, the old game of chinese whispers/broken telephone prevailed in the community, which in turn made a lot of people to decide to get multiple tickets... in the end, just because a rumor...



    “We are going to try to have a completely different feeling from night one to night two” said Bono,


    a little more than a rumor

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