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  1. Pain, as with all of your art: love it. Thank you.
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    Lemon See through in the sunlight She wore lemon But never in the daylight
  3. Americans didn't "get" Pop and the stadium was only half full. If Americans were less than enamoured with POP, maybe it was because the album was lacking. While we are thick headed Imperialist Dogs, I think most American U2 fans can hear it and recognize the nuances and appreciate the attempt to create something no one else was doing. Even a monkey boy like myself can at least respond to a great album on a visceral level. This was not a great album and that is why it received at lukewarm reception all over the world, not just in Atlanta. Maybe the people that panned it "got it" better than a
  4. I was criticizing POP on it's own merits, not suggesting they keep making albums that sound like their safer but more popular release. I like when they experiment; my two favorites are probably ACHTUNG and Zooropa. If you're suggesting that you would rather hear a flawed but sonically daring work over a good, solid, but conventional and radio friendly album, then I actually would agree. Better to swing for the fences than bunt. I guess no one thought my Kellogg's reference was that clever. You're probably right.
  5. One can't have enough *POP*!!! With great respect to everyone that loves this album, I disagree. I wanted to love POP; it just didn't have enough snap and crackle.
  6. Someone once described Pop as U2 straining to make the kind of album Garbage makes effortlessly. I think that's a good description.
  7. to get this shot with a point and shoot film camera is amazing
  8. April 2 1987 - Opening night of the tour in Tempe and my first U2 show. Bono's voice was gone, but the crowd singing with ( and for ) him made it a special show. Like nothing I had seen or heard before. April 5 1987 - Tucson and Bono's voice is back. The capacity of the Tucson Community Center is 9000. Is this the smallest show of the tour?
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    Hidden Tree

    at first glance I thought this was something from your abstract period. I like it - mysterious and evocative
  10. sounds like there could be a story behind this one
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    great photos!
  12. Don't treat me like I'm a trick Won't treat you like you're a prick Don't need no doctor I'm not sick I'm not your baby Everything is alright Everything is alright I'm not your baby please
  13. A glimpse inside your mind?
  14. thanks for sharing you photos
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