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  1. thanks for the comment manohlive. I've seen eagles in the past, but this winter is the first time I've seen one perched low enough for me to get a decent pic.
  2. From the album: travels 2

    Took these pics at the lake this morning--I wish I was taking some live concert photos...
  3. From the album: travels 2

    I had tickets to see the English Beat this past Saturday in Scottsdale and about a week before the show this idea struck me. I contacted Dave Wakeling on facebook and asked him for permission to photograph the show. I wasn't sure what kind of reply I would get or if I would get one at all. I got a reply from Dave the next day giving me permission. Then his assistant contacted me letting me know a photo pass would be at the box office for me. It was a great show, I got some good pics, and I am very grateful to Dave Wakeling and his assistant Reid for the generosity and support they gave to this
  4. pain - when I was taking this shot, I was concentrating completely on the eagle. I didn't even know the raven was there until I was home and processing the pics on the computer
  5. From the album: travels 2

    Dave Wakeling and the English Beat performing Saturday night in Scottsdale AZ
  6. He once threw a brick through a window...
  7. thanks to Stanley and pain - I had seen the eagle may times before this, but this was the first time it was on a branch low enough for me to get a good pic
  8. From the album: travels 2

    at the lake this morning
  9. thanx always to alma and pain for their support
  10. Alma - Wow! All I did was move the camera while taking a picture; you wrote at least one and a half songs. Did you get concert tix? Hope you're doing well
  11. so part of you is part of the tree and the eternal forest? - amazingly cool
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