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  1. From the album: travels 2

    In the store today - Elvis Popcorn. Your choice of young, rockabilly Elvis or Vegas, white jumpsuit Elvis
  2. badlands65

    Colours - IV

    the forest is spinning ...or is it my head?
  3. badlands65


    right now it's raining - no outdoor photography for a few days...
  4. From the album: travels 2

    star trails this morning. a twenty-seven minute exposure
  5. From the album: travels 2

    at the park yesterday
  6. From the album: travels 2

    the salt river canyon in arizona
  7. badlands65


    From the album: travels 2

    for pain_18
  8. wow. I don't think I've ever seen this kind of tree. the phoenix botanical gardens are composed of desert flora
  9. shelter in the forest - window to the sky
  10. love it - in Arizona we don't have this kind of lush greenery. Even in the mountains it's not the same
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