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  1. There seem to be a lot of tickets on Stubhub for shows already. Since mostly all the presale was with Credit Card entry only how the hell can anyone trust anything being sold on Stubhub? How are they able to do instant download with no Ticketmaster transfer feature on these tickets? What am i missing?
  2. doesn't look like they have an inner circle stage set up for early line up fans this time. But its first come first serve not based on subscribers. Either way ...no inner circle set up it seems like in the past.
  3. You have access to the best tickets in the house, and you feel ripped off??? And we are a day or two after the presale. $70 GA best tickets? Why are they the cheapest then...am I missing something? I can't stand all that time, I wanted the high price seats with a good view not too far away. Figured they would be tough to get in the public sale, so rejoined the club for $50 to ensure I got decent ones. lets say you got the 280 dollar tickets just to sit down..and you got 1st row....which isn't likely...so in the Rogers Center, I believe you would find them starting around row 20. Why would you pay 4x to sit that far away, when for 1/4 of the cost you can roam the floors wherever you like. sit on the floor if you like. want a beer? just walk over to the bar on the floor and still watch the show. don't like your view....step aside from the tall person in front of you and viola...free viewing. I'd say GA are the best tickets and best value for U2 shows.
  4. Doesn't make much sense - level 500 is only $35....I think the last row of seats in that level are right against the wall....what section are you in? 500s are $35 for all the way straight back from the stage...and go to $100 for closer to the sides (closer to stage). $70 tickets are General Admission and they say like GA17 (or some different #). $100/$155/$280 are 200 and 100 level tickets. other than that are redzone and vip sales. Celt is confused as the site shows the 35/70/100 all in 1 section of the ticketmaster page...but if you click only GA then only the $70 tickets have a checkmark beside them.
  5. We were having the same issue for the Toronto show but after about 2.5 hours, GA tickets magically appeared. I'm assuming the pre-sale started at 9am local time for you guys so you might need to give it some time. i guess they were having the same issues in local Pacific time when that show went on sale. Bet they get some 2:30 minutes into the presale. My assumption is that they sell the seats first that are available on the presale...once those are gone...They release the GA...ha, funny system if that's the case.
  6. sorry for your pain...but this is Toronto thread
  7. there are no stands behind the 500 level seating....that's the roof! or ledge...pretty sure that they don't let you stand there.
  8. Did you get ga floor I could not see any at all got ga,s in nose bleeds what are GA's in the nose bleeds?
  9. keep trying...they must release every once and a while... got 4, 2:30 after wires presale started
  10. me too...glad I waited with my presale code....got 4..
  11. just got 4 General admission... 2 hours adn 40 minutes later....yippie
  12. Thank you! Hope to hear something as I just checked and absolutely nothing is coming up as available. I wonder, how many of the roughly 50,000 tickets that are going to be sold for this show were made available for the pre-sale? I'm thinking not many. Plus I am certain Ticketmaster does their own release to Stubhub making it even fewer. I decided to wait with my presales code to see if another show gets added instead of waste it on 500 level.
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