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  1. So it turns out my CD was lost in transit. Called the store and they will be sending a new one. Hopefully i get it soon!
  2. Horrible...still no updated on the whereabouts. no one really has an answer for me, I reached out to u2.com they cant really do much, DHL tracking shows it was tendered to USPS, but USPS tracking hasn't been updated in a week. I'll never preorder a U2 album again from this site....
  3. This is what my status looks like since yesterday
  4. All of the record stores I contacted around me werent gonna have it. I had no choice but to get a copy on Discogs, I went on yesterday looking. I spent just as much as i would in store which was great! Should arrive in a few days.
  5. I never received any email or anything about the CD being shipped. i preordered on November 13th.... so I go on the store page to check status then just copy the tracking it has. I might get it tomorrow? I don;t know, theres an estimated delivery of December 6th, i dont know if that is from DHL to USPS or to me aha so weird to get an album a week after release... whats the point of preordering
  6. I haven't even received any email but when on to check the order status through the store and with the tracking it says expected delivery 12/6.... i should have just preordered on Amazon...
  7. Thanks! I'll keep a look out for it! Yea that would scare me too ahaha
  8. Did ComcastTix send the email? I got mine on Monday with the General Verified Sale, I haven't received any email yet...
  9. looks like you will be able to try again today.... so confused with how this sale was managed
  10. It's all so confusing... I had got a Verified General Sale code yesterday and got 2 GA tickets, for my and my mom. I was going to go back on and see what was left because i wanted 2 more for my father and aunt but the code wasn't working and now it seems they're just doing away with the verified codes and doing a public sale?!?!
  11. not sure if this was posted elsewhere but does anyone know what the Tuesday date is all about? i didnt see that earlier... I didnt see anything on the Philadelphia date...
  12. I got two for Philadelphia, I got a confirmation at 10:02am. I got nothing during iNNOCENCE presale or for any other city so I was pretty excited it went right through.
  13. Everytime i go on stubhub there are more and more GA tickets. Yesterday 107, today 159... its insane
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