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    Equal Rights

    That's ? cool, except I missed it. ? Maybe it will be available as a subscriber gift.
  2. ❤ I'm waiting for the tour. I'm not sure how that will work out for me. I'm enjoying the effects SOE is having on my life. These songs are moving in a deep level.?
  3. 1. Stickers. Some for phones, laptops, guitar cases, cars. Some U2, some Zootopia Maybe with new design representing the new songs.. 2. T-shirts with fishTail hem, &/or high-low T. I like the classic U2 logo, maybe like GOYB ,GOOYOW goddesses print. Patches.
  4. 42 930 Doing as little as possible this weekend, as I've had a long stretch of busyness?
  5. 42 929 Not nearly enough snow for me here. I grew up with snow, so its comforting for me. Not so much the heating costs. It's kind of a tradeoff. I'm not into playing winter sports, its just so beautiful & magical to me today. I will admit, some days winter feels tiresome.
  6. 42 672 Good to see you all keeping up the counting. I'm busy being useful & having fun.?
  7. I haven't seen the rest of the show. My connection is spotty. Music is like an elixer for the truth sometimes., its how you take it ?
  8. BTW, can't wait for the AAAHH live! I can carry that tune!⭐?
  9. TY That's U2 for ya!! I'm consistently inspired!
  10. I❤the new live video for GOOYOW! Very lovely mix with the images & live combination. A new edit with the Supermoon,Eclipse,bloodmoon, blue moon would be ominously luminous!! ????⚡?? I go back & forth with Coldplay & U2 as far as favorite songs. I lean towards U2, as I feel more of an attachment, as they are so inclusive with their fans & honestly, SOE songs are so clear, lovely ,& well crafted, also down to ? earth.
  11. What is that scripture... There is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.. A time to be girly....? Seriously tho, it's always interesting to hear Bono's take on the state of the world.
  12. 42 094 Relieved the holidays are over. I have a new job, just a few extra hours to my regular job. A lot of change for me, all at once it seems. Just things I've been working on showing some results. -17F with winchill -30F. It hasn't been much over 0 for over a week. ☕⛄?
  13. 41 979 Just finished my second cup for the day.☕ Took a nice walk. Watching The Lord of the Rings, waiting to go visiting.?
  14. 41 956 Evening counting. Happy Solstice! ?in the North. It's snowing and cold. We've got quite a bit & its still snowing❄⛄ It looks very beautiful & feels peacefull.
  15. 41 955 His voice sounds great to me. It sounds very rich & full.
  16. https://youtu.be/JAcKgCfTSq4 A new classic
  17. 41796 Now things are loopy... It's still Saturday on this side of the world. Have a good day!
  18. 41 794 Now its almost dark.? I'm going downtown for coffee. ☕ It's a nice walk. I did go to yoga this am, so not a total washout. I'm on call for the weekend.
  19. 41 792 Just cold outside. No forecast for ❄. Feeling lazy.. ? listening to U2. SOE goes into U2 radio station then I like all the songs... ☺
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