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  1. TODAY IS THE DAY! Bring on the shenanigans! Grab a cuppa something and come to our party! 8 minutes... quickest, silliest party ever. 🥳 Available on all major streaming platforms and: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kissing-lips-breaking-hearts-u2-ish-podcast-garden/id1478584991
  2. The Garden Tarts have a special U2 podcast episode commemorating the birthday! Available Friday, Saturday 25 on most streaming platforms and www.thegardentarts.com. We hope you'll come celebrate with us! Easy iTunes link
  3. We are celebrating allllll month long with special Bono-themed content in our U2 podcast. We are a week into 5 weeks of partying! Come join us! www.thegardentarts.com (or your favorite podcast player) EPISODE 1:
  4. It's Adam's 60th birthday and we're celebrating with a special U2 podcast ep! Join us on this fun celebration with 60 Fun Facts about our favorite bass player. Find us on your favorite podcast player or visit us at www.thegardentarts.com.
  5. A favorite photo of mine from Dublin 2018. Love this beautiful bass! We have a special podcast episode being release on Adam's birthday.... all about Adam! Stay tuned to www.thegardentarts.com
  6. Ooo! That’s a good one! We’ll add it to the list! 🤣 and thanks for listening!
  7. Reading that article on atU2 brings it all back now... thanks for sending that. Yes.... I was there March in 1999 so *hands up!* It wasn't me! Goodness.... 🤣 So glad you are enjoying listening... we still laugh at the I Fall Down stuff. *heehee* Thanks again!
  8. Noooooo! I did NOT know that about his laptop! Or at least I don’t remember... I *swear* it wasn’t me! Glad you laughed along with us! That’s our least listened to episode but I think it’s hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣 thanks so much for commenting! ♥️
  9. ✈️ Big travel days ahead? 👏 Waiting in the GA line? 🙋‍♀️ Feel like you’re missing out and need a #U2 fix? Check out our U2 podcast to pass the time! Stream through thegardentarts.com or download through your favorite podcast app. #u2podcast #U2JT19 #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019
  10. We are so glad you are enjoying it! “All around groovy”... we’ll take that as one heck of a compliment. 😍
  11. Hello! There’s a new U2 podcast in town and we’d thought we’d share with fellow Zootopians. Check it out at thegardentarts.com! Available on pretty much all major podcast platforms. We hope you have as much fun listening as we have making it. ♥️ ITNOL, jenny & hillary
  12. Thanks. I saw this one. We're looking for video from Adam's side, preferably close up of Bono when he's on the platform infant of Red Zone.
  13. I have been searching for video of City of Blinding Lights from Dublin on November 5, 2018. I'm hoping someone can help! We are specifically looking for video from Adam's side, preferably able to see Bono when he's on the platform infant of Red Zone.
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