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  1. Ticketmaster has not responded to me via email for 3 days now regarding my presale order. I went from asking to exchange the 2 Minneapolis Red Zone tickets I panic-bought in the Red Hill presale for 2 GAs, to simply asking for a refund. They said they had no GAs to offer me anyway. We'll see if they even respond. I think it is a fair compromise since they didn't offer the tickets they were supposed to the fan club at the time. Ugh.
  2. Thank you to all of the Mods who helped us fans through this latest presale. It's extra frustrating now because I learned that Minneapolis' US Bank Stadium had a presale for their email subscribers on Saturday, and there were many Row A/Row 1 seated tickets in the 300 Sections available. It seems like those subscribers may have had an easier time getting better seats than many of the U2.com presale people. Oh well. I'm in the door at least.
  3. I can't be the only one who has panic-bought Red Zone or VIP today. Can you guys make certain that TM feels the heat for putting this stress on us long-term fans? I've seen too many tickets evaporate over the years while in my cart or while the queue resets itself over and over to not jump on buying something just to get in the stadium. (Minneapolis, BTW)
  4. Just talked to Joanna (first), then Debra (escalation--or something) at TM about exchanging Minneapolis Red Zone tickets for GA: Joanna was very nice and as helpful as she could be. She said there can be no exchanges or refunds until after the public sale happens on Monday. She said the inventory is only online, and that they don't have access to it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Joanna connected me with Debra. Debra looked at my order and said that since I purchased the Red Zone tickets, I agreed to the Terms of Service which state: No Exchanges, no refunds. I said th
  5. Thanks Mods & fellow fans for the info and diligence on this. So frustrating.
  6. I was in Red Zone for Chicago 1 and was disappointed. Besides the number of bro-y drunks, the view of the B-stage was constantly obstructed by the camera crane.
  7. For Chicago Red Zone, you had to show up at a special tent with the purchasing credit card, ID, and everyone in your party. Nothing mailed to you, but there was ample email communication letting you know where to go and what to do the day of the show.
  8. I messaged TM about exchanging the RZ tickets I bought with my Red Hill code. I'm not hopeful, but it seems fair that they might exchange them for regular GAs. Will update.
  9. I'm sure I already know the answer, but any chance that since I could only purchase Red Zone Minneapolis (and did) that I could switch them for regular GAs?
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