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  1. I've generally gone with someone else but I have also been on my own. For the Elevation Tour I couldn't get a ticket anywhere so just went to Birmingham NEC on the night with a view to buying a ticket from a tout. To my amazement I managed to buy one from the box office at face value! I had gone on my own and it was great. If you love a band such as U2 I don't personally think you need anyone else with you. I absolutely love U2 and would just be overwhelmed seeing them live whoever I am or am not with. However, if you go with others that are equally fanatical, then that would be good. I
  2. Good idea - but make sure you check and check again that what is being written in latin does actually translate into English what you do actually want!!!! You may find some years down the line that instead of "You can dream, so dream out loud" you had the latin for "The Only Way Is Essex is the best programme on tv" taattooed! (If you're NOT from the UK - The Only Way Is Essex is arguably the most pointless TV programme ever!).
  3. Yes, I will be joining you and watching it on the BBC. It's gonna' absolutely brilliant - can't wait. If there were ever a festival that needed the world's greatest band as a hedaline act then Glastonbury must be it. What are they gonna' play though?
  4. It would be great to meet him, that is for sure. But what would you say? Where would you start? Some people say it's best to not meet your heroes in case they don't live up to your expectations, but Bono I'm sure would. I do know someone who did meet not only Bono, but Adam and Edge as well. This was at a wedding where one of Bono's daughters was a bridesmaid. The person I know has family who were friends of Bono's wife or something. I saw the photos and was that jealous. Bono in a suit, and a cap on the wrong way round! If anyone on here has actually met him - what was he like?
  5. Yes, 'With Or Without You' is without doubt a brilliant song - performed by U2 that is! This version is, well, different and without doubt not a brilliant version. In fact it is anything but brilliant. Each to their own, but this ain't great is it?
  6. It would have made a fantastic dvd in its own right had they released the full show. I assume that the whole concert was filmed and then just a number of songs were released on the dvd with U218? Some of the quality on Youtube is so good these days you can probably get most of the footage from most of the concerts on there. I came across a 360 concert I was at on Youtube - the entire concert split into each of the separate songs - but all the songs were there and could have been downloaded to make-up the entire show. Would do so if I knew how to!! Just hoping they release a further dvd fro
  7. That's a hard one but 'Breathe' has really grown on me as a great opening song. It would be good to see 'I Will Follow' as an opener though!
  8. Now let me think...................................oh yes, U2! Good job U2 are gonna' be there as there ain't a lot else looking at some of those acts.
  9. OK, what's that one U2 song that really stands out for you? I know it's difficult if not impossible to pick just one song, but what is that one stand-out song and why? I'd be really interested to hear what people's 'one' song is. For me 'I Will Follow' has always been a stand-out song. I'm not really sure why but it just has that something that really has everything. It still sounds as good now as it ever did and I'm always so pleased when they perform it live.
  10. Love it! Fantastic song. It's got that raw energy that just makes it a fantastic song. And performed live - brilliant!
  11. If you've met them then count yourself very, very lucky. The closest I've come to meeting any of the band was when they were walking to the stage at Sheffield on the 360 tour in 2009. I was standing literally feet away from them behind a low metal barrier, Adam, Larry and Edge walking on their own and Bono with some minders. It all went mad as they walked past and Bono seemed somewhat hyper, but it was fantastic to get that close to them. But to meet them!! Not sure what I'd say. What do you say to people you've admired and idolised for 30 years? Was hoping Bono was gonna' be there when
  12. OK guys, it's been a good thread for discussion and all the views expressed have been really interesting. I didn't post the thread just to be controversial or anything I just wanted to put that question out there to see what other people think. And some people have responded - which is really good. Surely U2 themselves are thought-provoking in what they do and that's always a good thing. Who wants a band that doesn't provoke anything and just plays it safe all the time?! U2 have always had that edgeiness (pardon the pun!) to them and that's one of the many things that makes them such a gr
  13. [quote name='MacFoley wrote: peterferris8']This thread is going to become a sticky thread, just you all wait. Mac, come back! We need you to keep sprouting complete and utter common sense! there is no need for me to try to debate with the op anymore pete. he has it in his head, u2 are the biggest, the baddest, the ONLY band that can enjoy big success! man i think even the op thinks that u2 are more relevant than the beatles! (ok bono is viewed as one of the biggest mouthed ROCK STAR) he is no politician remember this. just a gobshite in an irish band.....but john lennon is nothing!.....
  14. You could try waiting outside Bono's house and hope that he's around when you're there. I've been to his house and stood outside but he was away on tour at the time. Would have been somewhat bizarre if his elaborate gates had suddenly opened and he'd have come out in a limousine or something!
  15. [quote name='mariacm wrote: baldymanphil']If we are talking about who has a huge fan base then you could argue that Daniel O'Donnell is one of the biggest acts around!! He has a loyal and devoted following but I wouldn't necessarily regard him as having any talent at all. Anything but actually. To get back to the original question - I have yet to be convinced by any comments on here. I still don't regard any other act, band or solo artist, as being either on a par with or close to U2 at this point in time. We're not talking about Radiohead years ago, or Muse at Wembley Stadium after o
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