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  1. Here are the best-of the photos I took during their last night in Chicago, Day-5 on their iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE 2015 Tour.
  2. From the album: U2ieTour 2015 CHI-5 Last Night in Chicago

    a stolen moment of the boys all united on the "e" stage with a lucky fan, helping to broadcast via meerkat during "Mysterious Ways" My favorite shot of the night that summarize Day-5, the last night in Chicago at the United Center
  3. From the album: U2ieTour 2015 CHI-5 Last Night in Chicago

    a long wide shot of the band on the Main Stage, "i" Stage at the United Center in Chicago
  4. From the album: U2ieTour 2015 CHI-5 Last Night in Chicago

    Bono acknowledging the crowd at the United Center in Chicago on their last day, Day-5
  5. If I had to summarize my #U2ieTour CHI-5 eXperience in 1 photo, it would be with this one!
  6. worse case Cory, come in super early and hang out in the GA line, maybe someone has some tickets available without robbing you Also, it's safe to check out Ticketmaster, they MAY let out some tickets out... ( I know they STILL have some, if you REALLY need to go. Level 300 is not as bad, as long you are not behind the stage)
  7. If you have a parking pass, use it! Park the car in the indicated lot, make sure you have your pass and/or confirmation number on the dashboard, and... take a photo of your car with the paperwork in it, just so you have some proof in case something happens (which it shouldn't) Directions should be indicated on your email confirmation, and driving your own car is WAY MORE convinient than dealing with a Taxi/Bus/CTA/Uber.
  8. Hey GA CHI-1 OPENING NIGHT friends, what times did you surveyed the first U2 GAers to be in-line you came in? I have my GA for 2nd JULY and I wonder at how EARLY I should come in to have to (possibly) the rail and the best view in the house? I did GA for U2 360 in 2011 and I was number 604 showing up around 9:30am at Soldier Field, and I was probably 2-3 line in front by the rail, so I'm wondering how I can get closer for this tour. Also, I'm pondering of maybe trading my GA for a RZ or maybe a Level 101 to 112 because of health reasons (cancer) and I am not sure if I will be able
  9. hey Manohlive, how much were the tickets initially? Ticketmaster is listing the Level 100 around $275.00 all around, but I doubt they were THAT expensive.
  10. I can confirm as well! Pretty good news for those who wants to have a GA ticket and be close to the action. GA is great! I did it for Chicago U2 360 back in 2011, for $65.00 as of 10:40am its (if you can show up early) one of the best seats in the house! I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same for dates.
  11. From experience on U2360 in 2011 at Soldier Field, I had a GA ticket too and showed up like 9am early. I simply decided to take the CTA because it was the most economical and best in value without worrying I would overpay for parking or it to be expired. I can recommend ParkWhiz which is a website/app you can use to pre-pay and reserve your parking in various park of Downtown and the vicinities. Super convinient, a fair priced parking like $15 generally for up to 8hrs, some available with valet. Extended time/hours are available, depending where you will go. Depending on the venue, the
  12. They should release all their previous concert onto Blu Ray!!! (and U23D too!) Imagine.... individual or a box set with all your favorite Tours where you can experience and re-live the U2 moments in glorious 1080p HD visuals and uncompressed 7.1 DTS Master Audio!!!
  13. at my first U2 Concert, July 05th 2011 in Chicago, IL. U.S.A for the 360 Tour!!! Magnificent, Epic, Beautiful!!!
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