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  1. Only you Bono, would give a gift so awesome as this list on your birthday! thank you
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to my favorite bandsman, Irishman and just an all around great man! Thank you for all your lyrics (song) that get me through this life. you are the best and you deserve a great, happy and healthy birthday! thank you also, for all the concerts in person and online! I loved every single one! Quarantined watching the Zoo Tour in Australia! The best🤗 also all the cool stuff we get through our membership. So thoughtful. I am grateful.have a great day and I hope to see you real soon! Stay safe l❤️🎉🎊
  3. Bono~ Happy happy 60th birthday to you! You are an amazing man and my favorite music man!

    your words speak to me.  Not only are you a great musician, lyricist, writer and so on.

    you are a great man to lead us. And are  a leader. Charging us forward in this troubling time.  You are a philanthropist and compassionate. Again, a great man. 
    enjoy your birthday with your family and friends! Stay well lad. 
    hope to see you soon.. Kim

    1. Kimballingham


      Thanks for all the concerts and really awesome stuff you send my way. 
      i am so grateful:)

  4. Happy Birthday Bono😘 the world is a better place because of you! Have a great day😊
  5. Just received my Joshua Tree singles!!! LOVE LOVE THEM!! So worth the wait!? Love that fact they did both versions for Joshua Tree anniversary Thank you so much to the best band band EVER! So good to their fans. Cant wait to see them this summer!
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