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  1. We were unable to process your request.........
  2. Looks like my ticket is sold. Enjoy the show everyone!
  3. Ticket is GA floor paperless, I paid $88.25. I'm going to the concert so if your looking for a ticket please contact me here or over PM. Thanks
  4. u2fan228


    ACC won't hear anything about DSLR's. Stadiums allow them with shorter lenses but Arena's are point and shoot/ cell phone only. I've tried a few times with a small 50mm lens and always get turned away.
  5. Were you still looking? I'm selling a GA ticket for Monday nights show.
  6. Hello, If anyone has a spare GA ticket for tonight please respond here or PM me. I've been checking since 8am for GA tickets to appear. About 15 min ago a few became available but when I called in they were already purchased.
  7. Hoping for more GA's to become available. I'm looking to go on the 16 or 17 if I can find a ticket.
  8. I would really like to hear Moment of Surrender again, It always sounded great. Would that be considered an Experience track or Innocence?? Side note - can't wait to hear Invisible. That clip has me excited!! Also thanks for posting that potential setlist as i've never seen it.
  9. I would love to have it filmed in Toronto but New York seems like the more obvious choice. 7 Nights at Madison Square Garden. Something has got to be up. Would be cool to get U2 4K and a concert film going from Arenas to Stadiums - which in a way also plays off the idea of Innocence and Experience. That's what I'd do anyway.
  10. One end of the walkway is going to be connected to a standard size stage. I assume it will have an open back to allow everyone to see.
  11. Same thing here a GA ticket just popped up after 25min of trying. I figured there were no more tickets so I used the ANY option and that's when it worked.
  12. Was not expecting a GA ticket to pop up for Toronto after having no luck but one just did for the 6th. Keep trying!
  13. In the off chance anyone has a spare GA for the Monday July 6th show please let me know. I'd love to go on the first night! [EDIT: Found one!] Cheers and best of luck to all.
  14. They usually put in seat numbers on GA tickets but they have no meaning for us.
  15. Thankfully the presale worked great for me! Thank you U2.com. See you in Toronto!
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