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  1. I've seen these "playing the whole album" concerts both ways: album then hits; and hits then album. The best approach IMHO was the Pixies' Doolittle tour where they played b-sides from the album, followed by the album, followed by hits. When I've seen it the other way, it somehow diminishes the album that gets played after the hits...cause all the mystery is gone from the concert, and you know how it will play out to the end. It's much more exciting to start off with the album you came to hear anyways, and then hear a mix of songs afterwards that can be anything. In the case of JT, I wouldn't but the b-sides first - I'd start with Streets, go through the album, do a couple of b-sides, then a break and a second set of hits with a couple of deep cuts mixed in...then encore and you have a very satisfying show.
  2. My favorite U2 b-side...seems like it'd be hard to pull of live though! Given that there'll already be plenty of deep cuts by virtue of them playing the entirety of the awesome Joshua Tree...I'd like to see them focus on popular hits, that are underplayed in recent years. Stuff like: 11:00 Tick Tock Electric Co Gloria New Year's Day Two Hearts Beat As One A Sort of Homecoming Bad (it's been played on all tours, just not consistently) Unforgettable Fire The Sweetest Thing Hawkmoon 269 Numb Zooropa Lemon Discotheque Ultimately I'd like to see them stay away from the stuff from the 2000's and the Achtung Baby hits that've been played with regularity over the last tours, that I've seen performed in very similar style many times. I'd like to see a tour more representative of what I would have seen on the actual Joshua Tree tour had I been lucky enough to attend.
  3. If what you say is accurate...they shouldn't love the Big O these days. In the 80's, the Big O didn't have a roof on it, so it might have been OK. The sonics are so bad now at the Olympic Stadium that you can't even understand what's being said over a PA system. The sound at Popmart was horrendous, whereas the sound at 360 (outside) was fantastic, and the sound at the Bell Centre is passable.
  4. Something that can get lost in these existential analyses of whether the tour should be...most people under ~45 years old were too young to have seen the original Joshua Tree tour. Probably at least half the people in attendance will be in this age category, including myself (Popmart was my first show). I'm thrilled to get to see a Joshua Tree tour, cause I never got to see one before, and the tour was the stuff of legends. I'll be happy to see what it was all about, even if Bono can't hit some of those notes anymore.
  5. As a follow-up, I finally got GA tickets 2 1/2 hours into the presale, so all's well that ends well...but really, there's no reason I should have to be a bad employee for an entire morning to complete a transaction that should take a minute. Further, this was not a pre-sale at all - anybody could buy tickets by paying an extra $50 at the same time as the ticket purchase - which means that non-fan-club members had an advantage: they only had to pay $50 if they found acceptable tickets. The Wires group had ALREADY paid the $50 on a hope and a prayer, and got zero advance access for it. Ultimately I have the tickets I wanted - but this process was not fair and needs to be corrected going forward.
  6. Just got GA for this show...they must have unlocked some just now.
  7. This is fraudulent, there was no "wires" pre-sale. Anybody can buy with the pre-sale by paying $50 extra for a U2.com membership. They lied, sold us a pre-sale that never happened, and it wasn't even possible to buy GA within seconds of the on-sale time. They owe us our money back.
  8. There isn't really a venue in Montreal right now. U2 hated the Big O enough to build their own venue for 360 - but I don't think that space is available anymore, and Parc Jean-Drapeau is only half-available this year, so it's just too complicated. I suspect they'll be back here for the next arena tour.
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