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  1. We will have a great time for the first time in this beatiful country, hope you can enjoy it too. Please play All I want is you!!
  2. Hello everyone! I bought tickets for Bogotá's show but I'm planning to buy onother 2 tickets for a friend on thursday 15 when it will be open to sale for general public. The problem is that there are only 1.900 tickets for GA available which is forecast to sell in minutes, so (in case I don't get to buy the tickets) my question is that if in other shows around the world open new tickets for GA, I know that this depends of the capacity of the stadium, but this had happened before in other concerts here in bogotá, like inColdplay and Rolling Stones, weeks before the concert they open up new
  3. But you already bought the tickets? I've been trying to buy GA (Cancha) but appears an error "the info of my credit card is too long, I must contact my bank" Everything is ok with my credit card and called twice to Tuboleta and told me that it was due to heavy web page traffic. Have you had the same or similar problem? Thanks.
  4. Hi! having problems to buy in Bogotá, Colombia there is this error "The information is too long. Verify your credit card info and contact the bank who deliver you the credt card".This is the page of "tuboleta" is like the TM in the US. I already call the bank the credit card is good, I type all the info correctly. I call Tuboleta and told that they were having a problem in the web page and must to send an email with the error and keep trying. I did all that and still not be able to buy my tickets. I'm Wires group. Thanks
  5. Hi guys! Well I pretty much know the answer but I'm going to ask you anyway my case. I was a old member (red hill group) and I used the code to buy 2 tickets for Germany, then my membership expired on 11 feb. Since I'm from Colombia and the rumors were big about them comimg to Colombia I decided to renew my expire membership the last week (I know that I'm now part of Wires group) but will I be able to buy 4 more ticket or just 2 ?? to see them in this new leg in Bogota. Thank you!!.
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