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  1. clau2dia

    U2 x 4

    Not only your trabant is complete now. Accidental meetings I suppose. Lol....
  2. clau2dia

    Me and Bono

    Well, no comments about it....
  3. I bet he was happy with the result...he looks surprised. Wow. Lucky you....
  4. clau2dia

    Adam Clayton

    Lucky you got to meet the man this year !!! Only you can do it, Gary-Paul.
  5. Happy anniversary, dearest U2. It´s been a life time journey of joy, inspiration and music....Rejoice !!!!
  6. Always high above the ground...
  7. Going back down to the concrete jungle with U22 leading the way...
  8. This is the aeroclub in the north part of São Paulo. U22 takes me higher !!
  9. Cantareira State Park at the top of Pedra Branca (The White Rock) and São Paulo in the background.
  10. Still in the Cantareira park. Border between 2 cities.
  11. Took U22 for a day out in the wild. This is at Carp Lake.
  12. I think the director´s cut makes more sense to me than the one in the AB box.
  13. Well, I guess Gary-Paul can answer that question easily...Me, no such luck, dear. One day soon, I hope... Xoxo.
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