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  1. There are so much picts, videos and more on the web but the reality for me, was that U2 came to Colombia to change all about gigs. The Red Zone logistic was impecable, every person was nice and gratefull since we arrived to the stadium and thanks us for the support with the cause. The visuals were stunning. And all the people around shared the same feeling about the band. We joined at the same spirit about the music. Thanks for coming to Colombia. We want more of you guys
  2. La imagen habla sola. No es un sueño...
  3. He hablado con un usuario que tiene un voucher de Tu Boleta, que viene siendo la versión física del que ya recibiste en el momento de la compra. Así que como Colombianos + de uno correra a reclamar dicho papel. Sin embargo, este papel NO es la boleta ni todo el paquete que aparece en la página. Es sólo un comprobante de pago. ¿me avisa si hace el proceso?
  4. i tryed 2 return the call at the call center but the guy was busy... so.. im waiting.. but this kind of things dont must happen. You pay your ticket and the only thing you expect its enjoy the show.. no more..
  5. Sadly in Colombia even with this screenshots..... i will tell you how the story ends
  6. At this moment i have an email with the tickets buy confirmation (2 tickets 4 red zone), even my bank reports the buy. I called immediately to Tuboleta 2 confirm 2 tickets ( even recorded the call) and says .. yes you buy 2 tickets... i hope this information help you
  7. Reporting from Bogotá, Colombia Tu Boleta is the official market to buy tickets. At this moment i received email confirmation / throught the webpage itself, but a few minutes ago i lost a call from them (TuBoleta) With this issues im afraid to lose my red zone tickets..
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