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  1. Book Of Your Heart is the best song! Lights Of Home (St. Pete's)... awesome!! Countdown to SOA (Songs Of Ascent) is on!!!
  2. These are the days when our work has come asunder!
  3. Since you wanted to know: in no particular order these are some of my all time favs other than the obviously popular songs amongst the masses So Cruel Mofo I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Mix) (album version is good too) New York ... (I'm from Philly and it's still one of my favs) Gloria The Unforgettable Fire Mercy Hands That Built America Your Blue Room Song For Someone Lemon Discotheque Zooropa
  4. So far from what I've heard lyrically from the first few songs, I'm not hearing anything 'so controversial' that would warrant a concern to delay the release of the new album last year... IMO. But it was nice of the boys to throw in a tour in between!! So I forgive them!
  5. Albums: Songs: 1. Achtung Baby! 1. Ultraviolet 2. HTDAAB 2. Original Of The Species 3. Pop 3. Bullet The Blue Sky 4. Zooropa 4. MOS 5. SOI 5. COBL 6. NLOTH 6. The First Time
  6. I expect to pay at least $350 a ticket every time now so I know what I'm getting into and I am not by any means a rich person. Sat in the red zone for last three tours; 360 in Philly, ie twice at MSG, and JT in Philly. The convenience is well worth to me especially at the stadium shows. Had my 18 y/o daughter with me for 3 of the shows who is a huge U2 fan... that right there is worth much more
  7. Was thrown for a loop when I was sent to Wells Fargo center website but got RZ tix no prob. See you in Philly!!!
  8. Waste of time and patience linking to Ticketmaster! I consider myself lucky for getting red zone tix after being directed away from TM then having to register for the Wells Fargo Center ticket site before purchase was completed
  9. Got 2 Red Zone tix for Philly. Was directed right to Wells Fargo Center website to purchase and had them by 10:05. Went off without a hitch but was a little worried when it sent me off of ticketmaster and straight to the arena's website.
  10. I used the code for the JTT back in Jan 2017 before I resubed in June 2017. So if your asking if I used the code under my current subscription, the answer would be no.
  11. I have NOT renewed my subscription, it ends 30 June 2018 yet I still have the green setup complete message. I did use 2 of 4 tickets for the JT tour and it's been green for several days now. Am I going to have to renew or not?? Anybody know the answer?
  12. Here's my alternate set list: This could satisfy the diehards and the masses for stadium shows 1) Gloria 2) I Will Follow 3) Two Hearts 4) Mysterious Ways 5) Discotheque 6) Gone 7) God Part II 8) Pride 9) COB 10) Hands That Built America.....into JT 11) Streets 12) ISHFWILF 13) With Or Without You 14) Bullet The Blue Sky 15) Running 16) Red Hill 17) In God's Country 18) Trip 19) One Tree Hill 20) Exit 21) MOTD Encore 1 Desire............. (MacPhisto version) Ultraviolet.........(MacPhisto version) 'Wild Horses E
  13. Never give up! People get ready!

  14. 1) Out Of Control 2) I Will Follow 3) Until The End Of The World 4) Acrobat 5) Ultraviolet 6) 'Wild Horses 7) Vertigo 8) Numb 9) MOFO/Discotheque 10) Please ..(ala Popmart into).... 11) Streets 12) ISHFWILF 13) With Or Without You 14) Bullet The Blue Sky 15) Running 16) Red Hill 17) In God's Country 18) Trip 19) One Tree Hill 20) Exit 21) MOD Encore 1 Hawkmoon Desire Pride Encore 2 MOS Beautiful Day One 40
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